Waiting Lists
To receive a placement in one of our classes you must first place your child's name on our Waiting List and pay a Registration Fee of $12.00, you can get a copy of our waiting list forms by either printing out the REDLYNCH KINDERGARTEN WAITING LIST FORM and dropping it into the centre or emailing it back to us at (redlynchkindy@bigpond.com). Alternatively complete the (Online Form Here). Once payment is received your child will be placed in line for a spot as it becomes available. Please note this is an expression of interest and does not guarantee your child a place.

Registration Fees can be paid to the following bank account:
Redlynch Kindergarten
BSB: 645 646
Account Number: 105726966

Children turning four before June 30th will always be given first preference at our Kindergarten, as our main goal is to have children prep ready, therefore we need to make the opportunity as readily available as we can.  Our class sizes are only small with 22 children to 3 educators, this means that we can not place everybody, so by getting in as early as possible on the waiting list you will ensure a greater chance of receiving a place when the time comes. As soon as a position becomes available we will generally email and the family have 7 days to respond, if we do not hear back in that time we will automatically go onto the next person on the list, so please make sure you keep your contact details up to date at all times.

Please be aware that without payment of the Registration Fee we can not hold your child's details on file after seven days, also please make sure if you change any of your contact details that you let us know, especially your email, if we can't contact you we may offer your spot to another child.

It is important to note that we can take children from the age of 3 that are toilet trained, however preference is given to children going to prep the following year.  Once we have filled the places with all the available children in that age group we will then fill any available spots with the younger three year olds.
Vacation care
Vacation Care is for children aged between 6 and 10 years of age and is also provided during the hours of 7am till 4 pm Monday to Friday, Easter,June/July and September School Holidays. The cost is $55 per day (CCS approved). To register your interest please complete the Vacation Care form and drop in to the kindy at Redlynch Community Hall, Margaret Street, Redlynch or email to redlynchkindy@bigpond.com.


Statements are sent out weekly via email  to the email address stipulated in your enrolment form.  Payment can be made by Automatic Direct Debit only.

Fees are charged at the following amounts:
A registration fee of $12.00 is payable when placing your child's name on our Waiting List.  Your child's details will not be kept on file unless this fee is paid within 7 days.

An Enrolment Fee  of $50.00- this is a set up fee and is non-refundable, by paying this fee it will secure your child's spot at kindy and also covers all the costs associated with getting started at the beginning of the year.

To be eligible for QKFS Plus Kindy Support a family must meet one of the criterion below.

The family (including foster families), or the child, must present one of the following:

- a current Australian Government Health Care Card (HCC). The HCC should be sighted each quarter and a copy kept by the service. The HCC must name the enrolled child, whether it is the child’s own card or a card belonging to their parent/guardian;

− a current Australian Government Pensioner Concession Card (automatic HCC entitlements);

− Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card or White Card; or

− Formal communication, such as a letter, from the relevant agency stating the intent to issue a HCC; OR

The child identifies as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and the family chooses to identify them as such on their enrolment form; OR

The family has 3 or more children, of the same age, enrolled in the same year. QKFS Plus Kindy Support is available for each child enrolled in a program. Proof of date of birth for these children is required to claim QKFS Plus Kindy Support. The Department will consider circumstances where three or more kindergarten-aged children are not able to attend the same service. In this situation please provide written advice to the Department via QKFS.LDC@dete.qld.gov.au.

Redlynch Kindergarten is an approved Day-care which means we are able to offer the Child Care Subsidy and Discounts for Healthcare Holders. This is calculated automatically upon receipt of approved CRN numbers. To find out more contact the Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50. 


Cost per Day (8hrs)

To Qualify.

Registration Fee


Must be paid within seven days to be held on the waiting list.

Enrolment Fee


A once off fee paid upon acceptance of a place. This fees covers all necessary items to start and once paid can not be refunded.

Resource Fee


Paid the first week of each term. This fee covers weekly events such as Future Champs and daily resources used by the children.




Queensland Kindergarten Funded Place.


Must be turning 4 before 30th June.

Queensland Kindergarten Plus Funded Place.

$39.00 approx

Must hold a Health Care Card or be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.

Non- Queensland Kindergarten Funded Place.


All other ages or if the child attends another centre and has opted for the other centre to have the QKFS.

CCS – Child Care Subsidy.

Ranges from $0- $49

Must have a valid CRN and comply with the Government Regulations, dependant on income estimate and hours worked/volunteered.


If you love colour and want to look the part at Kindy make sure you grab a Redlynch Kindy shirt and hat to keep you cool and sun safe. To Order complete this form REDLYNCH KINDERGARTEN UNIFORM ORDER FORM and hand in to the office at Redlynch Kindy.