Redlynch Kindergarten is a fully government approved, Long Day Centre that runs a kindergarten program.  This means we are able to offer the Child Care Subsidy(CCS) to our families.  The kindergarten has been running out of the Redlynch Community Hall for over 35 years and has always held an outstanding reputation within the community.

We take children from the age of 3 (must be fully toilet trained) until 5, and our program is designed for these age groups, we have two classes: Reef's and Rainforest's operating from 7 am till 4 pm.

Our Reef's Class: This is our Monday Tuesday and alternating Wednesday, group, we hold a maximum of 22 children per class with three educators. We use the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and our programming is based around that, but the children play a very big part in our everyday programming.  We are very focused on our children's learning needs and we do individual assessments on each child at least twice a year to make sure your child is not being left behind. 



Our Rainforest's class is our alternating Wednesday, Thursday & Friday class, this class is taught by a qualified Early Years teacher. Our aim in both classes is to make sure they are ready for prep; we work with name recognition and fine motor skills.  Prep is a big enough shock to the system, having to go 5 days without going in not knowing what to do.  We are extremely proud of our pre-prep program and have devised it with the help of prep teachers in the surrounding schools to make sure our children have a head start when it comes to attending prep.

Our parents play a big part in our centre as well. We like to get to know our parents and like to make them feel welcome, so that at any time the parents can feel they can approach us with any information they may feel is vital for learning, we also encourage parental help with a roster set up in term 2 and 3 so parents can come in and share their knowledge with us and help with cutting and glueing :)

Our Advantages

Since 1982.
Redlynch Kindy has operated from the Redlynch Community Hall for 35 years and now has former students bringing their kindy kids to experience the same caring and nurturing environment they experienced.
Our Family to yours.
We are a family business and are owned and operated by a local family. Being a family business we provide loving, caring environment we would want for our children.
It's all about learning through play.
Redlynch Community Hall serves us well and provides the setting for our kindy kids to focus on the learning and playing that will best prepare our kindy kids for school. Our focus is always on the children and the learning and fun we can provide them.
Dear Kindy...

Last night I sat down with KD and asked her what things she had enjoyed the most about Kindy, here were her answers:

  • Singing the smile hands song, because it's lots of fun.
  • Going outside to have an ice block treat, which was great.
  • Learning music, arts and crafts and all kinds of things.
  • Dancing to fun music.
  • Lunch time, because we are all starving and we get to sing special songs that I can't tell you about Mummy, because they are a surprise!

You have all become a huge part of KD's life, and we will never be able to thank you enough for the love, care and attention you have given her.  With your help KD is ready for her big step into school next year. From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank you for all you have done for our little girl and our family.

Love and hugs

The Douch Family(December 2011)

"We asked our daughter to tell us what were her favourite things about you 3 beautiful ladies is and here is what she said:   Miss Belinda: When people hurt people ,Belinda helps them, she is really nice and hugs Chris when he is sad.  Belinda also does shuffling with us which is fun.Miss Krysta: She is helpful, kind and nice to me, she is the teacher I have had the longest and she helps the kids and reads books to us, Krysta is really beautiful." 

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